Adding Watermark in Area Maps

If you want the area map of each of your news stories to contain your logo and date of publication, you can watermark the area map for this. To perform this task you need to follow these steps:

First go to System >> Settings >> Epaper Settings >> Area Map Watermark (Tab). You will see a page like this:

For Watermark you have to enable the Enable Watermarking in Area Maps checkbox. Now let us see what are the functions of various parameters in it:

Logo Here you will upload the file that you want to put as a logo
Opacity You can determine whether your logo will be transparent or not.
Mode There are two types of modes: In outside and Watermark.
“In outside” the logo will appear outside your area map, that is, no letter or word will come over the area map. On selecting Watermark, the logo will get superimposed over area map. In such a situation Opacity should be kept low.
Position From the position, you can determine at which place the area map will appear. For example, Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right
Info Text If you want to show editions, dates and pages with your logo, you can choose from this field.
Info Text Font Currently Info Text can only be in Hindi and English.

The area map after the watermark looks like this: