Changing Homepage of Epaper Website

In Epaper CMS Cloud the homepages can be of three types:

  1. Website Homepage
  2. Epaper Archive
  3. Epaper Display

You can switch them from System >> Settings >> Basic Settings >> Site Settings (Tab).

Let’s check them one by one and understand differences among them.

By default, the Website Homepage is selected. You can change its layout from the System >> Page Designer >> Website Homepage. Generally, the featured edition widget is attached to it.

Epaper Archive shows all the ePapers published in the website simultaneously. It also includes editions that have not been marked as featured. If you do not want to select the editions that you want to show in the homepage and new editions are automatically visible every day, then you can choose Epaper Archive.

You can replace the layout of the home page containing the

Epaper Archive with System >> Page Designer >> Epaper Archive. You can determine how many editions will appear in a page on this page from System >> Settings >> Epaper Settings >> Epaper Settings.

Epaper Display: Suppose you have only one newspaper and you want to show it on the homepage. In such a situation, it would be right to choose Epaper Display. When you select Epaper Display as the homepage in Site Settings, then it will appear on the Featured Edition homepage which will be at the top of all featured editions. To avoid confusion, we suggest that you keep only one edition featured.

Having a homepage with Epaper Display will look something like this: