Creating Area Maps in Epaper

You can create area maps in your newspaper or magazine pages in Epaper CMS Cloud, with the help of which readers can click and read in different news stories by zooming them. Whenever a user clicks on an area map, that part of the page appears to be cut (cropped) into a larger size.

Let us see how area maps can be created.

For this, first go to Epaper >> Edition. Now click ‌ in the Upload Pages next to any edition. Now you will see a list of all the pages uploaded in that edition. With this you will be able to see that in front of every page a button named Create Area Map has been given.

Click on the “Create Area Map” button given in front of a page.

Now the page will open in front of you and at the same time an “Add Area Map” button will also appear.

Creating Area maps in Epaper CMS Software

Click on the Add Area Map button to create an area map. So an area map will appear in front of you like this:

Creating Area maps in Epaper CMS Software

You can drag this lightweight transparent box to any side and change its shape with the handles around it. Apply it on any of your news and then click on the blue Save Button on the top of the map. This blue button is for saving the position of the map. As soon as you click on the Save Button, the box color of the area map changes to sky blue. This color indicates that the position of the area map has been saved.

Creating Area maps in Epaper CMS Software

Let us now see this page on the website. When we open this page on the website and move the mouse to the area map area, a border will appear in it:

Cutting News in Area Maps in Epaper CMS Software

On clicking this box, this news will be opened separately in a dialog box.

Display of Area maps news in Epaper CMS Software