Linking Area Maps

Sometimes some part of a news is in the front page and the rest of the news is in the internal page. In such condition, when the readers click on the area map of the first page news, they have to changed the page again to read the remaining part of news. This is difficult for the readers. We have solved this problem in the ePaper CMS cloud.

If two area maps are related, then you can link them. After linking, clicking on either of the two area maps will display both area maps. Let us see how two area maps can be connected or how area map linking can be done.

First of all, keep in mind that on clicking on the green edit button of any ‌Area Map, the Dialog Box appears, a number is written after the “Edit” above it. This number is the ID of that area map. This is the number we will need when linking two area maps.

So when linking two area maps you have to click on the edit button on the second area map and note its id

Now click on the edit button of the first area map and go to the “Area Map Linking” tab.

Here in the text box of Next Link, fill in the ID of the second area map you just noted.

Now when you click on any of the area maps in the website, both the area maps will appear simultaneously.