Understanding Various Fields in Area Map Dialog Box

When you click on the green edit button of an area map, you see various tabs and fields. Let’s understand them:

Field Description
TitleIn this field, you can enter the title of the news of the area map.
AliasAs mentioned earlier, it is similar to the slug of WordPress. It comes in the URL, so it should be written in small letters in English and between two words – should be used.
UrlIf you want a website to open a link when you click on an area map, you can fill that URL in it. This can be quite useful in advertisements etc.
File and Restore Original ImageIf you want any other picture to be visible when you click on the area map, you can upload it from here. If you want to remove the image and return to the old position, then enable the checkbox containing the restore original image and click on the “Save” button.
DescriptionIf you want to upload any text of the news given in your area map in HTML format, you can fill it as a description. It will appear next to the images tab in the area map.
Next Link (Under Area Map Linking Tab) This area map is used for linking. See Area Map Linking for more information
Meta Description and Meta Keywords (Under SEO Tab)If you want to add meta description and meta keywords to your area map page then you can add them from here. This will make your page more friendly to search engines.