Creating Independent Pages

If you want to add some pages in one of your ePaper websites in which you can enter some information about your company (eg about our page) then you can do this through ePaper CMS. This module is completely different from an e-paper module. You can compare this to the “Page” in WordPress. Just as we can create independent pages in WordPress, we can also create independent pages in e-paper CMS.

“Page” in WordPress (first image) and ePaper CMS (second image).

Click Pages from the dashboard to create an independent page. Now click on the Create button. You will see a screen like this:

The description of the fields in it is as follows:

Page TitleAs the name itself suggests, the page title will be
AliasThe text in it will be used as the URL. Usually generated automatically, but you can also set it yourself. It has to be written in small letter and without giving space between words. You can use a dash or minus sign (-) to space between words. Like about-us
ContentHere you can type the content of your page.
DescriptionThis will be a brief description of the page.
StatusIf you do not want to make your page publicly available, select Private in the status otherwise Public
Meta Description and KeywordsHere you can fill meta description and keywords for SEO of your page.


After filling these fields, click on the Save button. And your page will be created, which you can also see by clicking on the view icon.