Creating Slideshows

If you want to run a slideshow of some pictures on your website, click in the Slider menu item to create them. You will see something like this:

You can create and run more than one slideshow in your site. To create a new slideshow, click ‌ in New Slideshow.

Fill in the name of the slideshow here and click on the “Save” button. Now you will see something like this.

In this page, a button named Slides will appear next to the name of the slideshow. By clicking on it, we can upload the picture to that slide show. So let’s click and click on the New Slide button on the subsequent page.

Here, by clicking on Browse button, you select the file and click on Save button. The file will be uploaded in a few moments. Similarly, you can upload multiple files.

After uploading, you can also move the order of images back and forth with the arrow buttons.

Now our slideshow is ready. Now we have to show the slideshow on the website. To display the slideshow on the website, we need to go to System >> Page Designer and add a slide show widget to a layout.

So let’s start:

Go to System >> Page Designer

Click in Website Homepage Layout

Now click on Add Widget in a column

Select Slideshow Widget for the widget and click on Add Widget.

Now select your slideshow from the drop down and click on the Save button.

Click the Save and Publish button in the Layout Designer.

Slideshow will get displayed on your website‌

Slideshow on website