Publishing an Epaper using Epaper CMS Cloud

In the terminology of ePaper CMS, your one day newspaper or magazine is called an “edition”. Each edition may contain more than one page and each page may contain one or more “area maps”.

We have to first create an “edition”. Then upload pages etc. in it. And after uploading the page, we create an “area map” in it.

Let’s see how it is done:

Here, the details of the fields you will see are as follows:

Edition TitleThis is the title of your edition. In this, you can write the month, issue or date of the magazine, the name of the newspaper, etc. This is necessary.
AliasThese are the characters that make up the URL of this edition. In WordPress it is called Slug. Used for SEO purpose
DateThis is the date to publish your e-paper.
DescriptionIf you want to write a brief description of your edition, you can write here.
CategoriesThis field is optional. If you have many newspapers or magazines, you can classify them by “Category”. If you have only one newspaper or magazine, you can leave it blank.
StatusIf you make the status private then your e-paper will not get publicly visible. If you make it public and set “Publish Immediately” in Schedule then it will get publicly Becomes available.
If you choose “Schedule On” You are then shown the field to choose the date and time when you would like to make your edition public.
This is useful when you want to publish your newspaper simultaneously at a certain time.
Meta Description and Meta KeywordsThese are given for SEO. You can fill in appropriate details and keywords in it.

Among all the above fields, only Title and Date are required. The rest are optional.

After filling them, click on Save. And thus an edition of yours was prepared. Oh no wait! Right now, the rest of the pages are uploaded. Let’s see how the pages are uploaded.