Uploading Pages in ePaper

Once you create an edition, a button named “Upload Pages” appears in front of it. Apart from this the green edit button a red delete button also appear. You can view your epaper directly from the blue eyed icon button. Also the + (plus) shaped button is used to set or remove an edition as featured. We will discuss this further.

Uploading Pages in Epaper website

Click on the Upload Pages button to upload the page to edition. Now in the next page you will see two buttons: Upload JPEG and Upload PDF.

Uploading Pages in Epaper website

Let us discuss about these buttons.

Upload JPEG: The ePaper CMS basically shows JPEG images on the website. With this button you can upload files of your newspaper or magazine pages in JPEG format. The title of the pages will be created according to the name of file. Although you can also change the title of the pages later, but to save time, my advice would be to name the files before uploading in such a way that on uploading the files their names automatically take the form of the appropriate title. This will not require you to title each page later. For example, if you upload files named Page 1.jpg, Page 2.jpg, Page 3.jpg, the title of the pages will also become Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 automatically

Uploading Pages in Epaper website

Upload PDF: If you have a PDF file of your newspaper or magazine, you can upload it here too. And after uploading, its pages can be converted directly into JPEG‌. Let’s see how:

Click on the Upload PDF button and choose your PDF file. After the PDF file gets uploaded, you will see some new buttons like this:

 Uploading Pages in Epaper website

You can download your PDF file by clicking on Download PDF from it. There is a red colored button next to it, by clicking on it you can also delete the file.

There is an Extract Pages button given in green color. Through this button we can create JPEGs from uploaded PDFs. So let’s click on the Extract Pages button. While doing this, you will see some such type of dialog box:

PDF to JPG Converter in Epaper CMS Software

The details of the fields are given below:

ResolutionYou can determine the size of the JPEG image through resolution. If you increase it, the size of the image will increase and when you decrease it, then it will decrease.
JPG QualityJPEG quality determine the compression of JPEG. Here you can enter anything from 1 to 100. In general we recommend keeping it to 80.
Start/End PageThis defines the page range to be extracted.
Extract All PagesIf you enable the check box of Extract All Pages All pages of PDF are converted to JPEG जेपी. But it has a limit of thirty pages.

If you have made any changes in Resolution or JPG Quality, then click on Preview button to see its effect. You will see a sample on the right. You can enlarge it by clicking on it.

The length, width, and file size of the file are shown in the Preview section below. Keep in mind that the file size should not exceed 2 megabytes.

Currently ePaper CMS Cloud allows JPEG files up to 2 megabytes and PDF files up to 50 megabytes.

Once you get satisfied with the output, click the Extract button. In a few moments all pages from your PDF get converted and uploaded as JPEGs.