What is Page Category

Nowadays many newspapers also publish weekly magazines. You can also upload the pages of these additional magazines with the same edition. It is also possible to show them in a separate tab. For this purpose, you have to categorize the pages into categories. These are called Page Category in ePaper CMS Cloud.

To create a page category, go to Epaper >> Page Categories. In this page click on “New Page Category” to create a page category.

Publish Weekly magazines in Epaper CMS

The fields of this dialog box are described below:

Page Category TitleThis will be the title of your page category
Alias ​​Alias will appear in the URL. It must be in small letter and without space. You can use underscore (_) or dash (-) instead of place.
Meta Description and Meta KeywordsMeta description and keywords are for SEO. These are optional.

Insert the title of the page category in this dialog box here and click on the save button and save it. You can create any page category you want from here.

Publish Weekly magazines in Epaper CMS as Supplementary page category.

So let’s go back to Epaper >> Edition. Now click in the Upload Pages next to any edition here. Here you will find that each page is under a category called Main. If you want to change the category of a page, you can change the page category by clicking in the green “Edit” button next to that page. Clicking on the edit button brings up this type of dialog box:

 Epaper CMS Software

In this dialog box you can select page category.

If more than one page’s page category has to be changed at once, it is also possible. To perform this task, select the check box on the front of each page and then select the page category from the drop down of Bulk Actions above.

Pages in Epaper CMS Software

Now click on the Apply button. When you open your newspaper on the website, you will see page categories like this:

 Epaper CMS the Digital Publishing Platform

Keep in mind that at least one page in any edition must be in the “Main” category. If you put all the pages in some page category (Other than ‘Main’), then the edition will not open.