Registration Process for Epaper CMS Cloud

For Epaper CMS Cloud, you must first register by clicking on the, link.

Epaper CMS Cloud Registration Process

Fill in the fields given here like Name, Email, Mobile etc. And click on the Register button. On clicking, you will get an email containing an account activation link. Open that link in the browser and your account will be activated and you will also be logged in. Now you can subscribe to Epaper CMS Cloud.

Click on the link of Epaper CMS Cloud above or go to this link and choose the plan as per your need. Initially you can choose a demo or trial plan. It’s Free. And click on Buy Now.

You will see a page like this:

Now click on place order.

If you have chosen a demo / trial plan, you will see the button of “Execute This Free Order” otherwise the PayUMoney or PayPal button will appear for payment. If you are an international customer, you can pay through PayPal. If If you are from India, you can pay through PayUMoney.

As soon as you click on Execute This Free Order or pay in case of premium plan, soon after that you will get an email containing the URL of your Epaper site, the URL of its admin panel and the id password to log in.