Running your Epaper website on your own domain name

When you get the ID password of your Epaper site by email you will find that your Epaper site is on a subdomain. The URL of your site will be something like this: <yoursubdomain>

This URL is temporary. You can also run your ePaper site on your domain. Let’s see how:

Epaper CMS Cloud Admin Dashboard

In this, you will first find the button of “Change Domain”. Click into it. Now a page like this will open in front of you:

If you have registered your own domain name then you can also use it in e-paper CMS. For this purpose, you have to perform the following steps:

1) Open your domain name’s DNS management panel and add “A Record” of your subdomain or main domain to it like this:

In this panel, you have to fill the name of the domain / subdomain in the Name field and the IP address of the server in the Ipv4 Address.

In this screenshot the epaper subdomain is being pointed to the server of the ePaper CMS cloud. If you wish, you can also indicate the main domain in this way.

2) Now open your domain or subdomain on your browser. For example

If you see something similar to Welcome to Default Server Page, then fill your domain / subdomain name in “Custom Domain Name” and click on submit button. Your ePaper website will be started on your domain name in a few hours.

If you face any problem then you can get help by calling the given number immediately. If you are unable to contact on the phone the you can leave message on WhatsApp too.