Settings in Epaper CMS Cloud

Let us understand the basic setting. Go to System >> Settings. The details of the fields of Settings are as follows:

Basic Settings

Favicon Here you can add and upload a .ico file which will make your website’s favicon
OgImageThis is open graph image. This picture appears as a thumbnail in Facebook when you share your site link on Facebook.
SiteName This will be the name of your website.
HomeTitle Website Home Page Title
HomeMeta Description and Keywords Meta Keywords and Description of Website Home Page
AdminEmail / No Reply Email Admin email (used in email for password reset etc.)
TimeZone Time of your news letter Zone
CodeBefore Closing Head Tag If you want to put a style sheet or any other code within the head tag, copy paste it
CodeBefore Closing Body Tag If you want to put any analytics code or any other script within the body tag, then copy paste it

Theme Settings

From here you can change the setting of the theme. At the time of writing this documentation it has three pre-defined layouts. Which you can install by clicking. Keep in mind that when you install these layouts, any changes you make to the layouts are destroyed. Use of them can be useful in the event that you have not backed up your layout and there has been a problem in the modification of the layout. By the way before installing Layout existing layouts must be backed up.