User Management

You can create multiple users in ePaper CMS. Each user can have his own ID and password. And they may have different rights.

The ePaper CMS can mainly consist of three types of users:

Super Admin, Admin and Sub Admin

Out of this, both Super Admin and Admin have control over the entire Admin panel. But the super admin also has access to the power tools and other administrators don’t have access to Power Tools. This is the only fundamental difference between the two. There can be only one Super Admin but you can have multiple Admins.

Now let’s talk about sub administrators. For sub administrators, you can set what they are allowed to do. For example, if you want a sub-admin to publish only editions, then you can give them the right to do just that. He will be able to do only that much work on the site.

So Let us create a sub-admin and give some limited rights.
Click in the Dashboard in Users.

Here you will be able to see that a super admin user is visible. Super admin cannot be deleted. Click on the New User button to create a new user. A dialog box like this will appear in front of you:

In this dialog box you can fill the full name, email, and password of the user.

Choose Sub-Admin as role and keep Status Active.

Click on the Save button.

Once you create a user, it will look something like this on the screen:

As you can see, a button named Tasks is visible in front of all the administrators. Through this, we can determine what such a sub-administrator can do. So let’s click on the button with Tasks.

A page like this will open in front of you:

In this you can mark the tasks that you want to allow that user to do. For example here we are marking these tasks:

Click the Save button after marking

Now log out once and end the session. Now login again with the email and password of that new sub-admin. After logging in you will be able to see that sub-admin is able to do only those tasks which you have given him permission to do.