White Labeling Epaper CMS using Power Tools

Power settings are only visible to the Super Admin. With Power Tools help you can white label the admin dashboard. This option is available only for Super Admin (The first administrator)

White Label
Enable This turns white labeling on or off
LogoHere you can change logo of Admin Dashboard
App Title Normally comes on the top of the admin panel as Epaper CMS Cloud. You can change it here
Footer Credit You can replace the footer credit text of Admin Dashboard
Other Settings
Disable Feedback In the top right corner of admin dashboard there is a button to send feedback. You can remove it from this setting.
Hide Superadmin The entry of the super admin in UserManager can be removed from this setting.
Custom Dashboard
It is usually written on the home page of the admin panel by writing information about disk consumption and subscription duration. If you want, you can write any other text by hiding it. For this you have to check the check box of Enable Custom Dashboard. And you have to write your desired text in Custom Dashboard Text.

Let us see what the admin panel looks like after using the power settings: